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Arcadia, Nebraska, which has a population of 311, is located in Valley County near the Middle Loup River on Highway 70 between Ord and Broken Bow. Arcadia is an hour northwest of Grand Island and Kearney. The town was laid out in 1885. It was named by Mrs. Samuel Hawthorne, an early Postmistress. The name means "a region or scene of simple pleasure and quiet." As the population grew, churches and schools were built. Congregations were established in the 1880's for Methodist, Congregational, Catholic and Baptist denominations. Eventually, churches were constructed in the town proper. An Independent Bible Church was also later organized. The Catholic Church was destroyed in the 1974 tornado. In 1933, the school house burned and was replaced by the present structure, which is an accredited K-12 public school. Pioneer spirit has kept Arcadia alive. Many third, fourth, and fifth generation families still reside there. Every five years, a school alumni gathering is held over the 4th of July. Arcadia has unbelievable strength to draw people together, from coast to coast, whose roots bring them home! Arcadia truly is "A Home to Come Home to!"  History Arcadia, meaning 'the feast of flowers' or 'a region or scene of simple pleasure and quiet', was chosen in 1874 by Sarah Coulter Hawthorne, postmistress. This name was fitting since Valley County was filled with beautiful wild roses. A town was laid out in 1885 when it was anticipated that a branch line of the Burlington Railroad would be extended through the corner of the county and to Comstock and Sargent. In 1889, the first train came through Arcadia. Arcadia has endured many challenges through the years including grasshoppers, drought, depression, floods, fires, blizzards, hail and tornadoes. But, through it all, the pioneer spirit has kept it alive. Today, many third, fourth, and fifth generation families are representatives of the hardy men and women who first settled the area. In 1985, Arcadia celebrated its centennial with pride. A number of books have been written about the community including: 'Them Was the Days' written by Martha McKeown as told by her grandfather and 'Arcadia's Laughter and Tears' written by Mont Hawthorne focusing on the history of Arcadia and its people.
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